Monday, May 4, 2009

Before and After with a little help from Laura!

I recently put together a scheme for my mum and dads bedroom. You can see the before and after shots below. Mum and Dad moved into this house about 20 years ago....and the peach bedroom wardrobes you can see were there when they arrived! Two decades later IKEA was finally given the chance to change things up with some PAX Birkeland sliding door wardrobes. I can't imagine even the most patient of todays first time buyers waiting that long to get rid of peach built in cupboards....but in mum and dads day you bought your house and wouldn't dream, of destroying anything clean and functional no matter what colour or size or style. Today we are all in such a hurry to make everything the way we want it, no sooner is the key in the door of your new home then you are ripping things down and putting new shiny ones up and i am as guilty of this as the next person...there was a list of 'i wants' before i even got into my house.... sometimes you are so focused on what you need ( or want) that you don't take enough time to appreciate just how much you are already lucky enough to have. I am glad that my parents are able to remind me of this sometimes...!

It was a bit of a challenge for me to put this together as it is not exactly my is not what i would choose for my home...i needed to think of mum and dads style and what they would enjoy living in. Once we decided on the Laura Ashley's Tilton wallpaper i started to get a visual of how i might blend things together. The Irving fabric of the curtains is also from Laura Ashley as is the Pale Linen paint of the non feature walls. The woodwork is painted in B&Q's Antique White which we used to paint the headboard. The ceiling light is from Homebase

I am happy with how it turned out although we still need a few finishing touches, photos etc. before i can finally say its done!


and After...


  1. Wow, what an improvement - love that new wallpaper. How long did you say they lived with that peach for???

    Well done - am presuming they love it??

  2. Thanks Lorna, Yes they are really happy with it ...Phew! Not a peach in sight anymore:-)

  3. Omigod, they must be over the moon with their new room! It's gorgeous!

  4. Thanks a million and thanks for introducing me to your blog too!

  5. The result is fantastic, really like the new colour scheme. The same peach featured heavily in my parents home about twenty years ago too but now it's been banished, hopefully for good!

  6. Super job! Painting over the pine bedroom furniture made such a big difference. Whenever I see knotty pine, I itch to paint over it!

  7. hi hilary - you have certainly done a great job and i am sure your parents are glad you stuck to the brief. can't wait to see more of your interior design skills. I hope you don't mind but a did a little post about your makeover.


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