Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No 27 South William St

I got a chance to look in on the pop up shop 'No27 SouthWilliam St' on Saturday...lots of lovely stuff ...i had to drag myself away from this lovely teapot which i presumed was scadianvian inspired but is actually based on ukranian folk art. The shop is a collaboration of three irish stores; ANEWSPACE ;  Art Makers & Lovers, INDUSTRY ; Vintage, Upcycled & New and INDIGO & CLOTH ; A Store for Men & Women and is open  Wednesday to Saturday.


  1. Nice!
    Am loving your new blog btw :)
    Must update my blog roll

  2. Thanks Lorna...Seems like you are such a busy bee at the moment, i love checking in Garrendenny lane :-)


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