Monday, March 26, 2012

Amigurumi Cupcake

My sister in law is a fabulous cake maker, it was her birthday this weekend so i crocheted this little Cupcake to go with her gift. The pattern is available for free on Nimoe's blog and is quick and easy to make.

Friday, March 23, 2012

My Home

I  thought I'd put together a little round up of my house, i have bits and pieces of pics saved here and there, some i included on my old blog (Blacklashes) but they didn't transfer to this blog. As i keep going on about (and realise i have been talking about since 2009, before the recession kicked in!!)we plan to renovate and knock the kitchen and living room in to one open plan area, it looks like it will finally happen later this year..beyond excited.. so change is on the horizon.  Until then this is what its like, first up -the Hallway

and this is what it looked like when we first moved in
Some sources:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Lost Granny

Dont you hate when you get stuck into a project and then loose interest in it? I started this Granny Square blanket back in September and just got sick of it..its been sitting in a bag ever since. Now that its coming into Spring  these bright colours are inspiring me to pick it up again and I'm thinking of making it into a picnic blanket...Watch this space!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Buzz and Lola at the Seaside

To finish off the Paddys Day weekend we headed down to the sea today with Buzz and Lola. Heres a few quick snaps. Buzz is all action as usual, Lola on the other hand manages to keep her paws dry, little nervous nelly. Lovely day :-)

Dont drink it Buzz Buzz!

Can hardly spot Buzz here in her camouflage..

Lola keeps a safe distance!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Abigail Ahern on new TV show 'How to get your House in Order'

Looks like there is a great new show coming up on Channel 4 with Abigail Ahern. From the  promo it seems that she helps obsessive collectors and hoarders to transform their chaotic overladen houses into beautiful stylish homes. I have her gorgeous book A Girls Guide To Decorating and love her style so im really looking forward to seeing the transformations she makes. Read more about the show here

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Amigurumi Spring Bunny

I just finished crocheting this little bunny following the Spring Bunnies Pattern from the super talented Stephanie of 'All About Ami' . I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, of course its a zillion times bigger than the pattern as i haven't quite mastered the smaller crochet hooks yet but it still works. A bit more practice and ill soon have a tinier friend for this guy

UPDATE: This little guy was featured alongside loads of other Spring Bunnies from around the world on All About Ami-check them out here

Launch of Dublins Creative Quarter

I've just seen the announcement of the launch of Dublin's Creative Quarter...sounds exciting right?
It is the promotion of the area of South Great Georges St and South William St as a creative hub and they are kick starting the initiative with some events over the St Patrick's Day weekend.
Read the official press release here and details of the St Patricks day events here

It all sounds very positive, I'd especially love to see Georges St Arcade become fully occupied again, oohhh id love to have my own little spot there, each time I've walked through there recently there seems to be another empty space a sign of the times of course. I hope this initiative gives the place a real boost and why not there are loads of great spots in that area old and new, Designist, Project 51, Article, The Loft and This is Knit in the Powerscourt Townhouse, Murphy Sheehy Fabrics...the list goes on, identifying the area as a Creative Hub makes total sense and I hope it attracts even more exciting places in the near future.
Georges St Arcade

Friday, March 2, 2012

Grey Felt and Yellow Chevron-Etsy Treasury

I have a real thing for both grey felt products and yellow chevron print at the moment and the two together are a great combination. I'm hoping to work this into the decor of our new open plan living/dining room later in the year, fingers crossed we'll be finally able to start this renovation project during the excited :-)