Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Lost Granny

Dont you hate when you get stuck into a project and then loose interest in it? I started this Granny Square blanket back in September and just got sick of it..its been sitting in a bag ever since. Now that its coming into Spring  these bright colours are inspiring me to pick it up again and I'm thinking of making it into a picnic blanket...Watch this space!


  1. That's really lovely, keep going with it. I did a similar thing last year, ended up getting so sick if it, but persevered and it is a lovely piece. Another thing, I remember from previous posts of yours that u like Catherine Holm stuff. Did u ever buy any of it? I recently bought 2 little 'leaf cups' from, handleless with little wooden lids, really resemble the Catherine Holm stuff, maybe check it out, although you may already know about it!

  2. Oh love them, you're right they are really similar, i wish they came in green! I love the little wooden lids on them. That site is lovely and their items are reasonable enough, i have definitely seen the plates before and the penguin wallpaper but hadnt seen their site before, thanks for pointing it out to me. Oh i cant wait to start renovating our kitchen/living room so i can start gathering lovely accessories like these :-)


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