Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pleats Pleats Crochet Style Sofa

I spotted this little baby on pinterest today. I love these oversized crochet and knitting products that seem to be popping up more and more lately (like Claire Ann O'Briens gorgeous knit stools blogged here). This 'Pleats Pleats' Sofa is from the Imaginary Office  and designed by Daniel Hedner.

Photos from Imaginary Office


  1. I am a fan too of the oversized crochet design and have seen may of them this year at the international furniture fair at Milan. And the colour is just amazing. Great find!
    Hope you´re having big time at BYW!! xx Gudy

    1. Really enjoying BYW Gudy , so glad i signed up for it and we're just at the start! cant wait for the rest of the lessons

  2. I love any crochet, knitting, macrame that is oversized. It reminds me of Loopy Mango in my post


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