Friday, June 8, 2012

'Handmade Fashion' Magazine

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Looking for a good Mag to chill out with on the couch over the weekend?  Well a couple of weeks back I headed to Tenerife on holidays and needed a few magazines to try and distract me on the plane as I tend to freak out when flying-every little noise, bump slightly strange looking passenger has me convinced we are about to fall out of the sky..! Anyway I was browsing through the usual celeb mag trash when I spotted 'Handmade Fashion' on the racks which describes itself as a 'fashion-led, craft magazine'. I was sold on it straight away, its packed full of lovely with articles on current fashion trends, interviews with crafty experts, tips on shopping for vintage and loads of DIY projects and patterns to try and do yourself . Having had a quick snoop online I see its only just launched this February and  there will be just two publications a year to coincide with the fashion seasons. Its a little bit pricey but I think its definitely worth treating yourself to and I look forward to the next edition. You can find  Handmade Fashion Mag on Twitter @HandmadeMag. Happy Friday everyone...

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  1. Hi Hilary, enjoying having a look around your lovely blog. I love your photos- great styling and collage skills :)! Hollie x (from BYW 2.0)


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