Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pretty Little Things

Stationary, paperchase, craft, washi tape, buzz and lola

My good friend Rachel is getting married in three weeks time....eeekkk excitement all round! Last night was her Hen Party (A.K.A Bachelorette Party) and everyone had to bring a little gift that reminds them of the blushing bride to be. I knew exactly where to go for this...Paperchase! Rachel  like me loves all things cute and/or pretty and stationary and gift wrapping are definite weak spots for both of us. Heres a peak of what I picked up for her!


  1. Hey
    Popping over from BYW to say HI and I agree, anything paper is a weakness of mine also...
    Hope you are enjoying the course


  2. Hi Sherilyn, I'm loving the BYW, so glad i joined up. Thanks for stopping by my blog, i just took a look at Wholepromise and it looks great, i'm vegetarian and am always looking out for new recipes, i'll definitely be following along with your blog :-)

  3. So pretty little stationery things on your photo!
    She will be very happy!

  4. Thanks Eos...Was very difficult not too keep it all for myself!! hahaha

  5. Ah, that's really funny - I bought that fluffy bunny pen for a hen party as well - and the bride ended up using it to sign the register on the wedding day!

  6. Haha no way.. Brilliant! Rachel uses hers at work we both work in the same place and its quite a serious type of office. Both our desks are full of crazy stationary and bits and bobs like this to keep us entertained!


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