Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Social networking: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Everyday it seems there is a new way to share our images; blogging, Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, Pinterest the list goes on. We search through these images looking for inspiration, ideas or just for the pure pleasure of seeing them, but sometimes don’t you look at them and find yourself
comparing them to your own world? Doesn’t your world look a bit dull in comparison? and aren't you just a tad bit jealous of how everyone else's world seems to be?

I have been prompted by other recent conversations to think about this and the thing i’ve come
to acknowledge is that this picture world we scroll through each day is a hyperreality, a
simulation of the real world. You never post the bad pictures do you? You pick the best
shot and delete the hundreds of rejects. You don’t snap the ugly in your life, no, you target
the fresh cut flowers or the newly painted living room, not the ever growing pile of undone
laundry in the guest bedroom or the botched bit of wallpapering now strategically hidden
behind a pot plant.We don’t share the good, the bad and the ugly of real life do we? just
the good. The bad and the ugly is photoshopped out of the way and we are left with a perfectly shiny world! 

On Instagram everyday I see pictures of beautiful breakfasts, lunches or dinners that
are fit for framing. Luscious colorful salads in beautiful china with a handcrafted coffee on
the side, I look at them and then turn to the two dry pieces of sliced pan in my hand with
some questionable cheese stuffed in between and i think 'no amount of styling is going to make this
baby camera ready' ! Of course we don’t post the bad and the ugly, thats not what any of us want to see is it? We want all the pretty things to cheer up our day and to distract from the bad and the
ugly and thats okay, thats the way i like it dont get me wrong but its good to remind yourself that these pictures are just a snap shot of the good parts of  everyones life, its not that the bad and the ugly doesn’t exist for them  its just that they’ve been carefully cropped out of the picture!


  1. Hi there!
    great article, and so true! great name for your blog, love it!
    See u in class

    1. Thanks Lyndsay, loving BYW, look forward to the weekend when i have more free time to play around in the forums.

  2. Oh Hilary I can relate!

    This post reminds me of the things I'm afraid to tell you series that's been doing the rounds recently. It's nice to see more rounded posts but then I wonder who wants to see my messy sitting room ;)

    1. Ha ha exactly,I cant face looking at my pile of dirty dishes let alone inflict it onto others :-)

  3. Hi! Very well written and so true! I have thought about it a lot. I just ironed a huge amount of clothes, I should have snapped a picture before I did that :)

  4. Haha yes.... i guess we could take on the challenge to make the ugly boring things look pretty somehow!Ironing would definitely be a tough one! Happy Friday Anu

  5. I agree that it's good to remind ourselves that not all are that glam and pretty.

    True, in reality, we can't and won't be able to be all that all the time. But I do enjoy a doze of pretty visual stream - because they then inspire me to make my surroundings better and prettier - hence making me in a happier mood always =)

  6. Yes it is a very good point..especially when you are looking at blogs all day..everyone else's life may seem more exciting, beautiful etc. we must remember it is an edited version of life..that's why I love instagram..it makes boring things look kind of cool and much more interesting. Nicole BYW fellow student

  7. So true! It's nice to have a little reminder that most of it isn't quite reality and our everyday lives aren't quite so dull in comparison!!


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