Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Highly Recommended-Blogging Your Way E-course by Holly Becker

As a sort of New Year’s resolution I decided I would indulge in a few creative courses throughout 2012. For the past four weeks I have been taking part in an e-course for bloggers called ‘Blogging Your Way’ The course is run by the uber successful Holly Becker of Decor 8 alongside some other crazy talented bloggers/creative’s, Jeanette Lunde of By Fryd, Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely and Katrina Tan of Pugly Pixel. I hovered over the purchase button on this course several times before I actually signed up, I wasn’t sure if was going to be a bit of a gimmick. I was relieved on day one when I logged in to find that I instantly loved the course and knew it was going to worth every penny.
As well as practical how to style lessons the course aims to dig a little deeper, to push you discover more about yourself, your dreams, yours ambitions and the tools you need to help find the path you want, stay on it, stay motivated and ultimately succeed. Holly is very very open throughout all the lessons, she presents everything in a non formal yet professional way that puts everyone at ease and encourages them to participate in the same way. I can definitely recommend the course, and I think it is especially beneficial for those who have a blog for their business or those who want to become professional bloggers.
One of the great parts of this course is getting to chat with the other students in an interactive forum. It was lovely to find so many other people with similar interests and I was taken a back by how open and helpful everybody was, I learnt so much.
Thanks to Holly, her team and all the BYW2 students for such as great experience.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Foxy Designs

Foxes seem to be popping up more and more lately in all sorts of home and fashion accessories.  I was looking through my Flickr favorites and was reminded of two foxy favourites I'd marked some time ago.The first is a set of felt badges from Alina of  Hanaletters  Alina makes all sorts of fabulous felt badges in many cool kawaii style designs. I don't know how she manages to get so much detail into such small little badges, amazing! If you like these foxes you will love her other collections, take a peek at her shop or on Flickr or her lovely blog.

The second flickr favourite is another cute badge this time a pin badge from The Little Drom Store in Singapore owned  by Stanley Tan and Antoinette Wong. The store definitely looks like another for my must see wish list, I love the simple white walls and natural wood shelving filled to the brim with all sorts of knick knacks and quirky items. The shop regularly showcases work from local artists this month it's the turn of illustrator Mary Bernadette (you can see her painting the Little Drom shop window in the picture below). For those of us who can't make it to Singapore you can visit the The Little Drom online store or find out more about them on The Little Drom blog.

Art, Craft, Design

What do you think about Foxy home and fashion accessories? are you a fan? They've definitely caught my eye, here's few more of my current favorites..

Fox, Design, Art, Craft, Buzz and Lola

Top row (left to right):
Hand screen printed Pillow from Robin and Mould
Origami Fox Hand Painted Brooch from Papiki
Necklace from bbel
Bottom row (left to right):
Wire Fox Head from Bongo Designs
Bushing Fox Tote Bag from Gingiber
Japanese Folklore Print Illustration by Vireo