Monday, March 11, 2013

Cashmere Merino Silk Baby Blanket

Cashmere Merion Silk Baby blanket, crochet, granny stripe, shell edge, buzz and lola, hilary glynn
Photos by Hilary Glynn

Congratulations to my good friend Barbara on the arrival of her first baby 'Henry'. I was very happy that Henry was indeed a 'Henry' and not a 'Henrietta' as I had made this snugly soft baby blanket in preparation for the arrival and although the colours are pretty universal I think the teal green appears quite blue and gives the blanket more of a boyish feel overall. It's a granny stripe pattern with a shell edging and made of a luxurious cashmere, merino, silk blend. I hope little Henry enjoys snuggling up in it.


  1. So very pretty. I wish I could touch it because judging from the materials you used it's super soft.

  2. Thanks Nini, yes its lovely and soft, I love using that yarn but its very pricey.


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