Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Crocheted double bed throw

violet, navy, gold, oatmeal, cream, buzz & lola, hilary glynn, irish craft, bamboo cotton
I was delighted to give this blanket to my friend Lindsay today. Lindsay asked me to make her a blanket for a double bed throw about a month ago.  She wanted something with navy and cream and a dash of color so this is what  I came up with. I used bamboo cotton again ( my favorite at the moment) in navy, violet, gold, oatmeal and cream. I'm really pleased how it turned out and I would really like to make something similar for my own bed. It may technically be summer in Ireland but it seems the sunshine hasn't got the memo, I won't be putting the blanky's away anytime soon!


  1. It looks gorgeous Hilary and I love your photo collage *wink* Really shows of those great stripes. Lucky Lindsay.

  2. Thanks Aisling, I really appreciate your support :-)

  3. Lovely, lovely! I am interested to hear how many balls as I have a local supplier selling this quite cheap so I'd like to make a double bed throw. Many thanks. Love your blog. Sarah

    1. Thanks a million Sarah. It took about 18 100g balls. I'd love to hear about your supplier, I've been trying to source somewhere more affordable :-)

  4. C&G Discount Warehouse Ashbourne. Their main shop appears to have shut since but there's a smaller one still open in Ashbourne.


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